Rania Gemayel

Most recently, Rania received a double Diploma in Acupuncture from the Faculty of Medicine, at St Joseph University – Lebanon and from Tianjin University for Traditional Chinese Medicine- China.

She previously holds a MSc. in Neurological Rehabilitation from the Faculty of Medicine, St Joseph University- Lebanon.

Initially, she graduated from the Faculty of Public Health, Lebanese University – Section II in 1998 and became a Member in OPTL.

Former Physiotherapy instructor in the Lebanese University, she still currently teaches in the Faculty of Science at St Joseph University.

Recognized and respected for her professionalism and expertise, Rania Gemayel has earned numerous professional training and attendance certificates mainly related to Stretching, Endermology, Mesotherapy, Slimming and reshaping techniques.

She also participated in the postgraduate course offered by Dr. Chong about Pain Management, Weight Loss and Health Preservation. Additionally, she previously attended the Brain and Learning Seminar given by Pr. Raphael Massarelli.

She holds training certificates in the theory and practice of the David Back Clinic (DBC) treatment for back and neck pain from Finland. She was also a Clinical Research Attaché in Biomedical Research at the department of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Pr. Boissel- Lyon, France.

From 2014 until present, she is the Associate and Managing director of High Care Clinic in Hazmieh where she began working in 2008 as Responsible of the Medical and Aesthetic Physiotherapy treatment.

Additionally, she has a wide academic experience as physiotherapy instructor in various national universities where she provides theoretical and clinical teachings.
She recently joined OPTL council board and was named as Secretary for Information and Communication Affairs.


Secretary for Information and Communication Affairs
Phone: +961 70 810 735