Institut National de Physiothérapie (INP)

LOPT support its members in delivering high quality and effective physical therapy services by promoting a continual upgrade of their professional knowledge and skills.

To make sure that physical therapists contribution to healthcare is of the highest standard, LOPT established a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program through INP and members are encouraged to participate in appropriate professional development activities.


The Institut National de Physiothérapie (INP) is the leading institution in Lebanon and the Near/Middle East for the advancement of practicing physical therapists in evidence-based practice and continuing education.


To propose and implement laws and regulations related to the educational advancement of the practicing physical therapists

To provide and facilitate continuing education to practicing physical therapists based on educational needs and, permanently advance their competence and skills in the areas of clinical practice, management and research

To ensure trainers with high academic, pedagogic and educational qualifications to provide the educational courses for practicing physical therapists

To coordinate activities with academic institutions for the advancement of academic and clinical aspects of the profession

To improve the health of the Lebanese community, individuals and population, through the exchange and application of evidence–based knowledge (assessment, treatment and patient education)

To foster multidisciplinary/interprofessional education with all medical disciplines namely, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy and psychomotor therapy.