LOPT / WP Junior

LOPT Junior

LOPT Junior
LOPT is currently working on establishing a network to connect interested Lebanese physiotherapy students with each other as well as with their counterparts all around the globe.

An executive committee has been assigned from student representatives of all Lebanese universities offering physiotherapy programs. Mainly members are third and fourth year students. 

The aim of the network is to early engage physiotherapy students in LOPT activities so to encourage, promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas and activities of common interest.

The most important advantage in joining LOPT Junior is to benefit from a free access to OPTL congresses. Furthermore, junior members are provided by OPTL with facilities to participate in the activities of WCPT congresses held every two years. 

Aside from these previous benefits, junior members engage in a social program every year to build connections and facilitate integration in the workplace after graduation. 

For more information, please contact our Pedagogic Affairs Secretary at [email protected]

WP Junior

WP is currently building a worldwide network of physical therapist student and early career professionals qualified from less than 5 years. 

This new initiative is supported by the WP Executive Committee and aims to engage them with WP and their member organizations. Aside from making students and early professionals closer to their local organization, the network will  encourage, promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas by the cultural diversity and the implementation of interested activities for all.

For these reasons, the WP Future Network gathers Network Facilitators from all WP Regions namely Africa, Asia, Western Pacific, Europe, North America Caribbean, and South America. Network facilitators will have the chance to:

  • Represent their region on the world stage 
  • Contribute to discussions in the profession 
  • Help amplify the voice of physiotherapy students and early career professionals 
  • Create engaging social media 
  • Develop their career and contacts with the global physiotherapy profession

According to WP ’ website, Network Facilitators must be able to: 

  • Support the network by reaching out and engaging with student physiotherapy and early career professionals in their region 
  • Serve for a period of 12 months, renewable for two further periods of 12 months (no more than 3 years in total) 
  • Be an active contributor on WP Future’s social media platforms 
  • Be available to contribute to regular teleconferences

More information on WP Future can be found on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WCPTfuture