Dr. Elie Koueik

After earning a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from the Lebanese University in 1994, Dr. Elie worked in different practical settings before joining the Physiotherapy team of Mgr. Cortbawi’s hospital.

There he discovered his interest in neurological cases and sought in 2003 a Master’s degree in neurological rehabilitation from Saint Joseph University in Beirut , and after that a Reasearch Master’s degree in Neuro- Psychology from the Lebanese University in 2019 .

Apart from his practical work, Dr. Koueik undertook teaching Physiotherapy courses for undergraduate and graduate students at the Lebanese University for almost a decade.
He is currently the Coordinator of trainings at the Lebanese German University where he is also a part time instructor.

He was recently graduated from the Lebanese University in 2017 with a Doctorate Degree in Physiotherapy .

Even though that his practical and academic activities are taking the majority of his time, Dr. Koueik ran for elections and joined LOPT council. He was a dynamic council member and holded the responsibility of the Scientific Affairs Secretariat. Additionally, he is also member of the LNPS.
Throughout his extensive experience, he attended many seminars and workshops locally and internationally.

He also participated as a speaker in numerous conferences; the latest during LOPT’s seminar in 2016.

Lately, Dr. Elie Koueik was the Chair of the Scientific Committee of LOPT’s seminar ” Physio Beirut 2018″ , as well as the Chair of the Scientific Committee for the International Scientific days entitled ” Evidence based in Clinical Practice & Prevention ” 2019 .

Currently, Dr. Elie Koueik is the President of the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon since 2019 for the upcoming three years.


Phone: +961 3 8 37 38 0