Becoming a Physiotherapist

To practice physical therapy in Lebanon, first students must earn a Bachelor degree in Physical therapy after the successful completion of a four-year physical therapy education program from an accredited university and pass the national colloquium examination if the degree is issued by a private university.

Afterwards, upon applying to LOPT as a new member, newly graduated physical therapists undertake the process of obtaining from the Ministry of Public Health a licensure to practice in Lebanon.

Although many physical therapists work in hospitals, specialized centers and clinics, many others practice in different settings such as Acute Care Centers, Rehabilitation Hospital, Extended Care Facility, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation setting, Nursing Home, Skilled Nursing Facility, School/Preschool,
Wellness/Prevention/Sports/Fitness, Hospice, Industrial Workplace, or Other Occupational Environments, Local, State and Federal Government, Research Center and Home Health.

Heaps of conditions can be treated by physical therapists, mainly Cardiopulmonary, Musculoskeletal, and Neurological conditions.


Lebanese Order of Physiotherapists

LOPT is responsible of registering physical therapists and physical therapy students, working to develop codes, standards, and professional guidelines, handling complaints, conducting investigations and organizing disciplinary hearings, assessing practice qualifications and approving standards for the study of Physiotherapy in Lebanon