Why Join LOPT

Membership Benefits

LOPT represents solely in Lebanon physiotherapists working in clinical practice, academia, administration, research as well as physiotherapy students.

LOPT membership is mandatory for being able to practice physiotherapy in Lebanon.

Apart from that, membership grants you the possibility of connecting with others, staying up-to-date concerning all the news in the profession and accessing relevant information

Membership gives you the possibility of contributing in all revisions of legislation, regulations and policies. You will also be supported in advancing your profession and protected.

What are the possible benefits?
• Professional networking
• Career development
• Online resources and publications for EBP
• Online learning platform
• Access to journals and databases
• Payment resources
• Insurance policy
• Superannuation fund program

Superannuation fund

Superannuation fund is any plan, fund, or scheme which provides retirement income.
A superannuation is an organizational pension program created by LOPT for the benefit of its members.
Funds deposited in a superannuation account will grow, typically without any tax implications, until retirement or withdrawal.

A member is considered to be superannuated upon reaching the proper age of retirement, when he/she will be able to draw benefits from the fund.

The Superannuation fund shall give the opportunity of retired member to receive a monthly income based upon the result of a national study concerning the appropriate amount to be given for insuring a decent lifestyle.

Numerous activities are currently being undertaken to revise the existing superannuation program, and to provide the appropriate funds for sustaining this program in the future.

Insurance Offer

Exclusive offer for LOPT members

LOPT offers to members the best liability coverage that was chosen after revising the different offers given by insurance companies in Lebanon.
Insurance company: Libano-Swisse

For more information, please contact
Dr. Patricia Henaini
+961 70 932 628

PT Vacancies

LOPT is striving to ensure appropriate placement of the Lebanese physiotherapists. Therefore, physiotherapy jobs Ads are going to be available on this website and vacancies will be updated regularly.

This is a resource for physiotherapists as well as for physiotherapy students since a segment will highlight vacancies for students.

Library services

LOPT offers access to its already established library for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students. Numerous printed-out resources are available in collections. You can visit the library during business hours throughout the week.


Lebanese Order of Physiotherapists

LOPT is responsible of registering physiotherapists and physiotherapy students, working to develop codes, standards, and professional guidelines, handling complaints, conducting investigations and organizing disciplinary hearings, assessing practice qualifications and approving standards for the study of Physiotherapy in Lebanon.