Word of The President

Dear members, friends and visitors,

Welcome to the site of the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon. We intended for this portal to be a platform where colleagues, students and patients exchange questions, answers and relevant topics. Our Order, which today gathers more than 2000 members, strives to be a strong pillar of the Lebanese medical professions, and to achieve this goal, our solidarity is the only guarantee.

Since I took up my duties as president of the Order of Physiotherapists, in December 2016, I have not hesitated, with the help of the board members and administrative team to which I have the honor to belong, to support all scientific activities organized by universities, hospitals and concerned parties. My actions reflect my belief: Science is a light that illuminates the future, especially when it embraces Ethics.

We are working with other local and international syndicates, associations and organizations, to raise the level of the profession, exchange experiences and information, stimulate scientific studies and research, improve the educational policy of physical therapy, and develop programs that meet the needs of a fast evolving society and enlarge our field of expertise.

Dear colleagues, the effort is launched and we are enthusiastic about consolidating our Order and our profession! Internally, work is underway to rationalize spending, activate sports activities, and welcome students to our Order, as non-voting members, to motivate them and place them on the international arena of physical therapy. To this end, we developed the National Institute of Physiotherapy with the most up-to-date facilities, in order to accommodate students and colleagues.

In this context, I would like to underline our pride concerning the protocol of cooperation signed by our Order and its French counterpart. This would be the first convention of its kind signed by France with a non-European Union country. However, this protocol must be approved by the Lebanese and French governments to become valid. A new challenge to overcome!

Dear confreres, we are eager to organize this sector and to solve some of the problems we face: the surplus of graduates that causes unemployment, the promulgation of the Act concerning the restructuring of the profession and the Pension Fund Act, the benefits of the physiotherapists from the National Security Fund, and organizing the relationship with insurance companies. Among our priorities, also, are the inclusion of the physiotherapy box in the standard medical prescription, and the issuance of a government decree abolishing the title “technician” of physical therapy which should be replaced with “profession” of physical therapy. In addition to that, we are committed to an intensive coordination effort with hospitals concerning the contracts with physiotherapists.

Moreover, one of our main concerns is to raise and standardize physiotherapy session fees, and to prosecute non-Lebanese practitioners and illegal speculation. To this end, we consider essential the launching of the academic accreditation campaign, so that the qualifications of the physiotherapy centers comply with the required international standards.

As for you, dear patients, know that the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon is at your service to guide you, when needed, to the closest physiotherapist. Do not hesitate to contact us, in order to provide you with a guide of the physiotherapists present throughout the territory. For your safety and well-being, we urge you to only patronize qualified physical therapists who are affiliated with our Order, avoiding unregulated Lebanese and foreign intruders.

Hoping that our Order will be a lighthouse which illuminates the path of future generations, remember that our profession is a great message for those who are aware of their responsibility and their role!

Dr. Tanios Abboud

President of the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon


Order of Physiotherapist in Lebanon

OPTL is responsible of registering physical therapists and physical therapy students, working to develop codes, standards, and professional guidelines, handling complaints, conducting investigations and organizing disciplinary hearings, assessing practice qualifications and approving standards for the study of Physiotherapy in Lebanon.