Word of The President

Dear one, dear all,

First of all, allow me to announce my pride and gratitude being a member in the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon before being the President . LOPT is one of the robust medical Lebanese standards and remains to be the home for all the physiotherapists and the one to be .

Nowadays building on the accomplishments already achieved is a measure that creates empowerment to hit new complementary targets and reach supportive destinations. This won’t be feasible without the nurturing of the President and the Board Members consistently ready to provide you with all the support you need, overpassing all barriers and moving forward to reach the ultimate point .

We are facing challenges and obstacles during this period of time in Lebanon and all over the World, yet we climb over multiple mountains to reach the top and keep the flag waving to prove our existence and the flame lighting to guarantee our serving power .

For students , I say , now-a-day life is very fast, if you have to be actively involved in present day life , you should improve your capabilities by learning more and acquiring better , in this way you can contribute to the fulfillment of the global commitment . So boost your abilities to arouse enthusiasm by digging deeper in studying Physiotherapy major , since once you master the habits of your education , abilities will flow from you like sweet poetry.

As for the people we serve, we will be up to the responsibility, as among of you are families, teachers, leaders, doctors and trainers. We promise you to provide all the best in terms of Physiotherapy because it was you who taught us the importance of this medical science and the urgent need in the lives of each of us . So we take the challenge of working hard to secure the best for our people and community.

For the International Federations and Organizations we say , thank you from the heart for the non stop effort for discovering everything new in the field of Physiotherapy, yes, you have great credits
for advancing our level of knowledge and raising our skills , that’s why we are very proud .

At end, an encouraging quote for Ralph Waldo Emerson says :
” Without ambition one starts nothing , without work one finishes nothing . The prize will not be sent to you , you have to win it “. So keep working to achieve your ambitions and aspirations and don’t let any obstacle hinder your endeavors to realize the best .

Dr. Elie Koueik


Lebanese Order of Physiotherapists

LOPT is responsible of registering physical therapists and physical therapy students, working to develop codes, standards, and professional guidelines, handling complaints, conducting investigations and organizing disciplinary hearings, assessing practice qualifications and approving standards for the study of Physiotherapy in Lebanon.