Pay & Conditions

For new member, the first membership rate should be paid while joining OPTL for the first time. The membership rate is 1.012.500L.L. equivalent to 675$.

For regular and newly qualified members, the yearly membership dues are 750.000L.L equivalent to 500$ including the amount of 300$ for supporting LOPT activities and the amount of 200$ for the Superannuation Fund for retirement.

Members can pay their yearly participation fees at LOPT offices or at any Credit Libanais branch (account number 679028) or at BOB Finance by providing their full name and their LOPT registration number. Usually the annual fees are paid in two installments: (250$) during the first 3 months of the year and the remaining amount (250$) during the second trimester.

Change of circumstances:
In case of a change of circumstances (Travel…) please get in touch with the administrative team for any query or assistance on the following email:

Lebanese Order of Physiotherapists

LOPT is responsible of registering physical therapists and physical therapy students, working to develop codes, standards, and professional guidelines, handling complaints, conducting investigations and organizing disciplinary hearings, assessing practice qualifications and approving standards for the study of Physiotherapy in Lebanon.