Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan constitutes the roadmap comprising decisions and actions to be taken over the coming years in order to move towards achieving LOPT’s Vision.
Task forces are needed to address three areas for the transformation of the physical therapy in Lebanon:

  • RENOVATING the Order
  • TRANSFORMING the Profession
  • IMPACTING the Lebanese and the surrounding societies

The Strategic Plan is guided by the 5 principles of the vision and operational activities should be closely set and completed to make a significant progress toward the mission.
The following objectives are currently addressed.

Renovate the Order:

  • Demonstrate leadership in managing LOPT’ resources (human and real estate)
  • Set and review data sources from the board, departments and staff policies so to ensure its compliance with the prevailing bylaws
  • Compile physical therapy information of members through digitized materials
  • Achieve a greater share of membership by investigating and analyzing national data related to physical therapy education and practice
  • Establish easy access for members to LOPT’ premises and activities

Transform the Profession:

  • Investigate unwarranted variations in clinical practice, develop and implement strategies to promoting consistency with clinical practice guidelines
  • Disseminate functioning as a key concept in practice, education, and research
  • Engage through partnership with local universities to optimize readiness, and enhance performance of students throughout the physical therapy academic curricula
  • Promote quality professional development opportunities and provide members with updated resources
  • Identify new roles and promote physical therapist participation in new fields of practice
  • Support research activities within LOPT and among undergraduates and graduates national programs

Impact the Lebanese and the surrounding societies:

  • Thrive to reform payment policies for rehabilitation services
  • Promote individuals’ access opportunities to physical therapy services
  • Establish beneficial national and international partnerships to enhance health of the community.
  • Increase understanding of physical therapy in society through public awareness campaigns among populations, communities, workplaces, homes, and on the individual level
  • Enhance recognition of physical therapy outcomes among health professionals through dissemination of outcomes research findings
  • Promote physical therapists’ role in improving quality of life across the lifespan by the mean of technology and telehealth

Lebanese Order of Physiotherapists

LOPT is responsible of registering physical therapists and physical therapy students, working to develop codes, standards, and professional guidelines, handling complaints, conducting investigations and organizing disciplinary hearings, assessing practice qualifications and approving standards for the study of Physiotherapy in Lebanon.