Disciplinary Council

  • The President Dr. Elie Koueik
  • Dr. Carlo Saad
  • Dr. Rula Sabra
  • Dr. Wassim El Hage
  • Dr. Zaher Zaher

The Disciplinary council gathers upon the request of the President to discuss issues related to physical therapists suspected of breaching the General Assembly decisions or the common and moral interests of OPTL members.

Members of the Disciplinary council abide by the principle of goodwill and maintain a friendly approach with colleagues while remaining strict in handling professional and ethical issues that are risen by the President or after the submission of an official claim at OPTL.

For any suspected breach or ethical dilemma, OPTL members are encouraged to contact the President directly or by sending a written claim to the Order. Claims can be submitted by working or retired physical therapists, by beneficiaries, third party payers or even by other health professionals.

After serious investigations and discussions, the Disciplinary council can emit verbal or written warnings and can even decide to suspend the membership in case of major breaches.

Since its deliberations are confidential, OPTL only declares decisions taken by the Disciplinary council to control breaches.