What is Physiotherapy?

Physical therapy is primarily a “hands-on” care to help people perform their movements and activities in a pain-free manner.

You have probably heard of the profession of physical therapy while talking with a friend about getting rid of back pain. But you are still wondering who might be needing physical therapy and how it can be of a help.

People get familiar with physical therapists after being treated by a physical therapist or while seeing patients managed for orthopedic problems, such as low back pain, neck pain, knee arthritis, surgeries, or while regaining function after a neurological injury such as stroke.

Health is not only the absence of diseases but also the ability to maintain an upright posture, to move, to perform all tasks and activities of daily living mainly continue our jobs, take care of our families and enjoy all sort of occasions with friends and siblings.

Physical therapists are experts in movement and functioning. They intervene to help patients regain their optimal functioning, restore or maintain their health and promote well-being all over the lifespan. Physical therapists devote their time for treating people complaining from several health conditions and for preventing potential injuries and consequences. They also can work as consultants in industrial environments, educational settings, sports arenas and recreational clubs.

Additionally, physical therapist use different methods and techniques during the session such as mobilization, massage, ultrasound, hot and cold packs, electrotherapy devices…

Depending on the patient condition, performing exercises at home might also be added to the treatment session that is usually covered by national security or insurance.