How to Open a Physiotherapy Center

A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1:
Prior to opening a center, the physiotherapist should check and abide by the below list of specifications and criteria required from the Ministry of Health.
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Step 2:
The physiotherapist should get the application form from the Ministry of Health or its website and prepare the requested documents.
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Step 3:
The physiotherapist should submit the filled application form with the requested documents to the Ministry of Health.
Upon approval of the file, the Ministry of Health sends its delegate to the center for checkup.

Step 4:
Upon checkup and approval by the Ministry of Health, the file will be sent to the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon who, in turn, sends the regional delegate for a second checkup.
The delegate writes a report and send it to the Centers’ Affairs Secretary who gives his recommendations to the Order for approval.

Step 5:
As a final step, the Order sends its report to the Ministry of Health to proceed with the legal procedures.