Physical Therapy in Lebanon
The Law Nº 8/78 – regulating the profession of physiotherapy in Lebanon – was issued in 1978.

In 1986, after the restructuring and reorganization of the Faculty of Public Health at the Lebanese University, Physical Therapy became an academic major with a four-year entry level university degree.
The first professional Physical Therapy association was formed in 1987 based upon the issuing of the Law Nº 8/78. This year marked the establishment of the Syndicate for Lebanese physiotherapists.

Soon after in 1999, the Law Nº 96/99 regulated the academic teaching of physiotherapy within higher education institutions for at least four full-time academic years.
In 2001, the law 305/2001 was approved and the Syndicate for Lebanese Physiotherapists became the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon. Adherence was no more an option; it became mandatory.
In 2003, upon the Decision Nº 242/2003 issued by the Legislation and Consultations Department in the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Public Health gave the exclusive right to Physical Therapists to open and invest Physical Therapy centers.

In order to help members achieving their professional development, the National Institute of Physiotherapy (INP) was established in 2004 focusing on providing continuing education for active members.
A physiotherapy research center was created in 2010 in order to support all types of research activities conducted by Lebanese physiotherapists or physiotherapy students.

The following year in 2011, the Research Center for Quality in Physical Therapy was created.
For the purpose of ensuring a safe retirement, huge efforts were made and flourished in 2012 upon the issuing of the Law concerning Pension Fund for Physiotherapists.

Professional development continued and a milestone was set in 2016 with the graduation of the first batch from the Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) programs offered by different universities.
Currently LOPT membership reached almost a couple of thousands and the headquarter premises are under renovation so to create a warm and welcoming environment for members.