Superannuation Fund Committee

  • President Dr. Tanios Abboud
  • Dr. Khalifeh Khalifeh
  • Dr. Ibtissam Saab
  • Mrs. Samah Kawtharani
  • Mr. Ralph Jad
  • Ms. Roula Sabra
  • Dr. Ahmad Saleh

The Superannuation fund management committee is responsible of providing and supervising funding of OPTL retirees.

The Superannuation fund management committee should meet once a month or upon the request of the President to discuss issues related to the management of the retirement funding.

The committee also revises retirement requests. When reaching 64 years, any physical therapist that has been an OPTL member for 20 consecutive years, can submit a retirement request and benefit from the services of the Superannuation fund.

The committee is also responsible of setting the monthly salary amount for the retirees according to field investigations in order to ensure decent revenue for retired members, after the approval of the General Assembly. Special cases of early retirement requests can also be discussed.